• A Blue BlackBerry Z10! That's Exactly What I Need!

    The BlackBerry Z10 was launched along with the BlackBerry 10 platform and it is the first BlackBerry 10 device available for sale.

    The BlackBerry Z10 was introduced in two colors for sale but three in total. White and Black for consumers and Red for developers.

    Now as you see in the picture above that's Blue!

    This Z10 in blue was tweeted by hip hop artist, Lil E and we have to say, it looks pretty cool. Lil E who sings No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10.
    We’re not sure if this is a special edition of the Z10 that was designed for Lil E, or if the artist just teased us with the possibility of a blue-colored limited edition Z10.
    So far we have no idea if this is an official device. But whatever it is I WANT IT! The blue color looks amazing on the BlackBerry Z10!

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